Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Get a Valuation?

It’s easy, simply go to the How It Works page, add your details, and complete the additional steps. The basic questions help us to understand more about your car. Once we have this information we contact you with a valuation.

How Quickly Do You Buy My Car?

We’re often able to buy your vehicle the same day if that’s convenient for you. Alternatively we’ll arrange another convenient date and time for you. If you’re awaiting the delivery of a new car then we’re usually able to time your car sale to us to coincide with this. Just let us know what’s best for you, and we’ll work with it.

How Do I Know That the Price is Fair?

We’re a family business with more than 30 years of experience in buying and selling cars. Using HPI and professional guides, including Cap and Glass, we come up with the best prices, in line with up-to-date markets. The loyalty of customers is also an indicator of our quality, and we have lots of returning customers. They prefer to use our services rather than part-exchanging, and this offers them better value when upgrading. As we have our own retail car dealership, we’re able to offer more for your car than if it was being disposed of at an auction or other trade source.

What Identification and Paperwork Do I Need?

We like to make this a simple as possible but there are certain documents that we need to complete the purchase of your car.

Personal Identification

  • Your Driving Licence

Car Paperwork

We also require your car’s service history pack and any printed service invoices and old MOTs. Don’t forget any spare keys and items such as locking wheel nut tool and rear parcel shelf and anything else that may come with the car.

Payment ID

We usually make immediate cleared funds payment into bank accounts. To do this we need to confirm the identity of the account. The simplest way would be to bring your debit card if this shows your bank account number and sort code. If you’re unable to do this, please bring official paperwork from the bank confirming the account details such as a statement or paying in book. Please call us and ask if you’re not sure.

Can I Keep My Private Number Plate

Yes, in most cases you’re able to keep your private number plate. However, you’ll need to transfer it to another car or put it on retention before selling the car.

This is now a simple process via the DVLA website and you’re able to complete it very quickly. The DVLA then sends you a new registration document, and in most cases this only takes a couple of days to arrive. Once you have received your new registration document we’re able to complete your car purchase.

Will My Road Tax Be Refunded?

Yes, road tax is now personal to your ownership of the car. This means that the DVLA refunds the balance of your road tax on completion of the relevant documentation. This is now a very simple online process and we’re able to help you with it if you’re unsure.

How Do You Pay Me?

We pay by faster bank payment directly into your bank account, and in most cases this arrives in your account immediately.

For further information on selling your car to us, call us, in Scarborough, North Yorkshire.

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